Meat first without
the daily grind.

When we started seeing recalls from major pet food brands due to salmonella and other problems related to raw ingredients, we went to work. The question wasn’t easy, but it was simple: could we eliminate the health risk of using quality meat products in pet food?

The answer is yes, and the product is PRO*TEMP.

Including meat in pet food can be difficult. It can be expensive, inefficient and food safety can be challenging. We make it easy.

Through a proprietary process, PRO*TEMP delivers safe, shelf-stable, pathogen-negative meat or vegetable blends. Chicken, turkey, beef, pork, bison, duck, lamb, seafood, vegetables. You name it.

Since PRO*TEMP is a cooked meat slurry, it’s easy to transport and include – it’s virtually waste-free. It’s a 1 to 1 replacement with other meat analogs, and it’s shelf stable, so you don’t need a meat room. Forget the grind!


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financial model for using PRO*TEMP.