Agile Production

Our agile mentality informs every production process from the ground up. From equipping our facilities with flexible tools to partnering with you hands on to get the specifications just right, we're positioned to respond.

 A diverse portfolio of ingredients

 Products tailored to the needs of customers

 Flexible service for changing schedules

 Nimble production and adaptable equipment



End to End Innovation

From source to shipment, we consider every link of the supply chain carefully and its role in delivering consistent, quality ingredients.



Quality & Safety

The quality and safety of our products is non-negotiable. We're committed to highest standards and practices through the entire supply chain. 




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Lean Thinking

Lean is the operating system driving our commitment to make it better, easier and safer today. It's not just a manufacturing ideology, it's the mentality behind ensuring our ingredients are sourced right, delivered on time, at the highest quality with as little waste as possible. 

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It's not the what, but the how that's important.

- Todd Simmons